Status Quota?

Its been a week since I resumed at Fox River.
Every part of my being complains while in this “school”, my brain cells are too lazy to study, my legs are tired of incessant walking and my left hand wants the skin. The right hand wants to touch a keypad…..*sigh*
What can I do?
Enough of the emo bullshit!

Viola! In view…..
Wrong post dude.
Oh! Okay.

Under no circumstance should “this” be taken serious, any allegation made or forwarded towards us shall be responded with “I plead under the influence”
Thank You
Today’s post will feature a twitter celebrity and a popular musician. They will be here discussing and analyzing today’s topic and will also add their own two cents to the topic at hand.

Please help us in welcoming Mr. Andrew O… a.k.a Brewdada to the podium.

Joe Kerr: Welcome Sir, may I add that is an honor to meet you in person

B: Ha! And they said my Elegushi parolz wouldn’t give me anything! Thanks Man

Joe Kerr: Parolz? What’s that mean sire?

B: Well its more a less a pidgin word, that means……wait…sire? Nigga don’t be forming for me jor! I remember one girl I met while in Elegushi beach saying that to me!

Joe Kerr: Well, It’s just one of the ways we cool keeds express ourselves.

B: Cool keeds? Oh…So do you guys like always have a meeting maybe in…….Elegushi?

Joe Kerr: No, we dont….Lets get back on track please! Can you please tell us your views on the status quota in this country of ours?

B: By country you mean Lagos, right?

Joe Kerr: Err….sure

B: Okay, Well to me ehn! It’s all about the mouth.

Joe Kerr: Mouth?

B: Yeah man! You gots to have that mouth, if not you are just going to be down in the pecking order man. See, the difference between an average youth is the mouth! Imagine I want to organize a party in Elegushi, normally this would take time get approved…..

Joe Kerr: Approved?

B: Yeah man! It has to be approved by the board in charge of Elegushi…….TBICOE

Joe Kerr: TBICOE??? What’s that mean?

B: The Board in charge of Elegushi!!! Duh! But because of my mouth I wouldn’t need such! I just need to enter and do my stuff!

Joe Kerr: Oh! I see! Well…Thanks for stopping by but before you go, we’d like to ask some questions and we hope at the end you could also ask us.

B: Alright..Lets go!

Joe Kerr: Is it true that you were given birth to in Elegushi beach?

B: :|….*starts laughing* That’s a lie my brother! Truth is I was delivered in a hospital near Elegushi, but one thing that is true is that I was conceived in Elegushi! Period.

Joe Kerr: Okay…Erm… What are your long-term goals?

B: To.Own.Elegushi

Joe Kerr: There you have it folks! Brewdada, your questions please?

B: Is it true that in CU, the closest you can get to being high is by inhaling one chemical like this…

Joe Kerr: That’s a lie.

B: I hear you. I been listening to some Maroon 5 songs. Is Maroon 5 one person?

Joe Kerr: Yes, Maroon 5 is on person. Thank you

Next is the self-proclaimed Omo Baba Olowo, Davido!!!

D: *Walks in with entourage, notable clothings are a singlet and what appears to be a goatee*

Joe Kerr: Lets get to the point! Whats your view on the present status quota?

D: Well, to me its the money that matters oh!

Joe Kerr: Money?

D:When you have money, you have mouth and when you have those two things ehn! Whose father would come and challenge you?

Joe Kerr: Well no one…..cos you are the OBO

D: Exactly, I can tweet/eat/do/sing anything I want, I can claim to have a box room! I can also eat ice cream and pop corn as breakfast!!! Iyalaya tani lo fe wa ba mi……sorry…got carried away! I’m sure you get the point. If you have mouth, you are a bad guy or geh!!

*sigh* Well, you read it yourselves. We hope our continued investigation will lead us to the right answer!

From Davido and Drewbaba……If you feel they are wrong and would like to add your two cents, please feel free to comment.

Subscription would be appreciated. The best part is its free.



Thomas Edison once said “Success is 1% Inspiration 2% handwork and 97% Nikola Tesla”

The above has no relation with this post. I just decided to start with something we all agree on.
Also wouldn’t it be awesome if the word “as” was replaced with “ass” But no i wouldn’t.
Not that i have a fetish for ass or something

Today’s post will be a story by one of my friends, so you might want to…..wait! Lets exchange greetings first.

Sup Bitches!
I mean, Sup earthlings

As I was….Today’s post will be narrated by one of my fellow immortal friend and will feature yours truly Joe Kerr
Without further ado..
Peace says Hi

Its been 72 fucking years…….72 years I’ve been mislead….72 years the male members of the Justice League have been locked up in that freaking closet. Its been very frustrating for me.

To top that, I’m the only female member of the JL… at least the only one with pussy What i’d do for another female, say Catwoman but Bruce says she is too bitchy. I don’t even understand, isn’t she a cat, why would she be bitchy?

Do you know what its like to go 72 years without a little humping here and there, do you?
Do you?

Of course you don’t, Ye are mortals

To be the honest, the reason i joined the JL was because of Superman. Then he chose Aquaman! Even with my tight leather top and my badass underwear with my damn long legs, the faggot still chose that SOB over me! Its not even like he is some badass Superhero.
All he does is carry that spear thingy which i’m sure could break by clenching my muscles around it….If you know what i mean.

Joe Kerr: Perverts!!

Everyday I imagine myself with Kent, his body on me and in me ….me clenching his…while he uses my rope to… *sigh* I’ll be right back.

Joe Kerr: I think i just came.

I just noticed i didn’t introduce myself, my name is Wonder Woman. I really don’t know why i go by that name and my original name is Diana. I guess the reason i’m called Wonder Woman is basically because i’m full of wonders. I mean me being an amazonian superhuman strengths and speed and my bulletproof bracelets, I guess i’m dripping sweggu.

There was even a day they all had a orgy on the big round firm table in the conference room. All of ’em; Bruce and Robin *shudders* Aquawomanman, The GL squad and Flash. Believe me when i tell you it was inhuman, the speed of the thrusts defied Physics, even Scott displayed ingenuity with his ring. Tubes of lubes could be seen everywhere. And I just stood there

Joe Kerr: That rhymed, you should rap

Of course I had all this recorded. The next morning we were bombarded by the pess with their questions.

Scott! When did you discover your change in sexuality?

Oi Superman! Does this explain your tight clothes and the curly hair?

Mr Batman! I guess its safe to call you a gay ass pedophile, innit?

Aquaman, whats it like to be Superman’s bitch? Asked a black R&B Musician with great enthusiasm and looked like someone who just came out of a closet.

And I just stood there grinning.

Original ideas borrowed from a suspicious looking Terd Bendega and i say Thank you.
Gbagauns found through your superior mind isn’t mine.

Yomi out