The Gathering

I grow tired of greeting, but I’m also obligated to do so.

Welcome everybody.
And misfits alike and present.

Welcome to today’s post, please familiarize yourself with earlier posts.

The reason I’ve been unable to put new stuff up is cos you don’t expect me to post when awesome series were going in “Blogsville”
Logic states that I chill in order to get traffic.
For today’s post we have Joe Kerr! Can we please usher him with a round of applause as he steps up to the keyboard!!!

I’ve been told i don’t end my posts well, so I’ll try my best.

*grabs mic while jerking to “A Star Is Born Ft. J.Cole”
Welcome earthlings. I do not assure you that this post will satisfy sexual urge or solve your real life issues but I tell you it’s mind-boggling”

I cum to you today with Peace! Y’all remember Peace right….you don’t? more reason for you to go here

Well turns out that Yomi dude be tripping for her.

Guys just play along, I mean its not like he’s crazy or something. Dude needs to get laid!


We at PBL are committed to our dear subscribers so we try to bring you the best.
Thats why when the World Biggest Music Star In Music Industry…..WBMSIMI decided to have their gathering, we were there to capture everything, so here goes…
Excerpts from WBMSIMI….

Yeah they have an acronym….deal with it

Joe Kerr: May we all stand to signify the beginning of this meeting
Soulja Boy: How the fuck does he get to be the MC?

Joe Kerr: (O_o) How the fuck do you get to be here?
Snoop Lion: I think y’all need to calm down, all we need is peace!
Wiz Khalifa: Yo! Snoop… I thought we said no blunt.

Joe Kerr: Lets all have our seats, for y’all who dont know me specifically Soulja dude…
Soulja Boy: its boy
Joe Kerr: Yeah it is.. Well i’m the one and only Joe Kerr, at the mention of my name, girls and boys cream on themselves, No homo…….Frank.
Joe Kerr: So basically, you get to voice your opinion about your fellow artiste and please in a polite manner.

Joe Kerr: First order of business, Jay Z will address us!
Jay Z: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far to kind. Now can i get an encore…
Yeezy: Yo jigga, imma let you finish but this aint a concert or the studio!
Jay Z: (O.o) For real?
Wiz Khalifa: Again! i thought we said no blunt!!!

Jay Z: Firstly, We’d like to discuss about Eminem. We know its all part of your alter ego but the way your music depicts violence has become a problem. You know if you have any personal problems, we could……
Eminem: Don’t act like you know me! i don’t even fucking know me!!!
Jay Z: *sigh*

Lil Wayne: I’m sure y’all heard about my break from the industry, after dishing out good music for my fans, i guessed i could take a break and flaunt more of my money and spend some time with my nnigger Birdman. Thank you

Yeezy: *smirks* Good music…..the irony

Lecrae and Mary Mary: We’d just like y’all to preach about the word…….about Jesus

In the split of a second, Jigga and Bey kneel down with heads bowing down.

Swift: i kinda like “How to love” it did have that country flavor….
Yeezy: And they said i was being a bitch…

Rozay: The only thing i wanna ask is why refreshment has not being served.

In comes three male aficans, one can be seen with an harp flashing a grin,failing at his british accent and suppressing the urge to shout while the remaining two are somewhat identical and are dancing their way to the gathering with what can be identified as Serving trays.
Rozay: *grunts*

Bey: Hey John (mayer) what happened between you and Swift?
John: *Bring out guitar*
Bey: Without the guitar!
John: It was down to Friends, lovers or nothing, and she chose nothing.

Chris Brown: Ahem! i’d like to use this opportunity to call a truce between me and Drake, thats why i offer him this little gift.
Drake *With a confused look, opens gift* Bitch…WTF!
Drake can be seen with tampons and sanitary pad…many of ’em

Drake: How did you know my favorite brand?
Chris Brown: Thats what you’re missing out on*turns to Riri*

Suddenly a womaan can be seen coming down from the rooftop in a James Bond-esque kinda way.
Bon Iver: Bitch quit with your role playing!
Busta hymen Rhymes: I second that!
Rozay: *grunt*

Suddenly….Specific parts of Nicki’s body could be seen melting as a result of staying too close to the fireplace. Everyday gets up to help her
Joe Kerr: And its a wrap y’all

Three wishes. All to be used in a day……..

1. A rainy day

2. Home alone

3. Lastly, a wish…to be a girl

I’d like to thank Joe Kerr for dropping by. Also due to some technical problems, all previous subscribers have been deleted. Therefore i’d like y’all to subscribe……….new or old.