Letter to You

Erm, This is very difficult to do, since I do no longer know who you are and I do not know how to address you.

I just hope you get my point.

As I said, This is a difficult letter to write, I’m no longer sure who/what you are. Most of you might concur with me

I thought you were the fun places we used to visit. You were the music I craved to listen to: the Fela Kuti, the KSA

the Lagbaja, the Ebenezer Obey. How I miss those days.

You wrote some really great books. You created Chinua Achebe (Things fall Apart), Wole Soyinka (The Lion and the jewel)

You were the Obafemi Awolowo,a great leader that never became President and Nnamdi Azikwe,the first president and

Fela Kuti, the singer of the great republic. You were the M.K.O, Emeka Ojukwu, Ladoke Akintola, Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu

Bello, Abubakar Muhammed, heroic walkers of the street. You were the Herbert Macaulay, Lt. Colonel Fajuyi, Major General Ironsi who went after the sham in you, because they thought you could do better.

You were Kanayo O. Kanayo and Co. in Living in the bondage, you were Hubert Ogunde in Mister Johnson. You stood up for freedom, honesty, and justice, you protected the innocent. I believed most of that. I think you did too. It seemed true at the time.

Even though you also created the villians; The OBJ, The IBB, The Abacha, The Buhari, The GEJ, The TweetO…….

You put God on the money, though even then. You had a way of thinking that the things of Caesar were the same things as of God; that gave you confidence. You have always wanted to be a city upon a hill, a light to all nations, and for

a while you were. Give me your tired, your poor, you sang, and for a while you meant it.

We’ve always been close, you and we. History, that old entangler, has twisted us together since the 1800s. Some of us used to be you; some of us want to be you; some of you used to be us. You are not only our neighbors; in many cases- mine for instance you are also blood-relations, our colleagues and our personal friend.

But although we’ve had a ringside seat, we’ve never understood you completely (at all) We’re like monkeys (pun not intended) Monkey see, Monkey do. We don’t even ask; What are we doing, Why? What are doing now? Are fulfilling ourselves. Why is the Soothsayer wholesaling the Bewares?

I’m sure that has been my difficulty in writing this letter. I’m not sure I know who you are, or what is even going on.

All I  know is you have had bad companies, you have had to withstand bad and ineffective leaders.

Anyway, you have a huge posse of experienced entrail-sifters who do nothing but analyze your every vein and lobes. What can I tel you about yourself that you don’t know already?

This might be the reason for my hesitation: embarrassment brought upon by a becoming modesty. But it is more likely to be embarrassmnt of another sort. When I remember when my friend who is also of Ghanian descent told me he would rather apply for a US visa in Ghana, I just gaze out the window.

And that is my inclination; keep your mouth shut; mind your business


The above was originally a piece on America in a text, but I tweaked it a little.

Thanks for reading